How do I know if my order went through?
After placing a successful order, you should receive a confirmation number and/or confirmation email. You can also log in to your account and check your order details.

How can I print my tickets?
When you complete the purchase, assuming that you have selected e-tickets as delivery method:

  1. You'll see the tickets on the confirmation page and can print them right away
  2. In your confirmation email, there is a link to the "Print Tickets"
  3. You can log in to your account and print tickets.

I checked out as a guest and didn't create an account. Can I still log in to manage, print or refund my tickets?
Yes, click on the sign-in button, enter the email you used for the purchase and click on the 'Forgot Password' button to create a password. You can create the password if you have access to the email address you provided.

Why does my credit card show more than one charge for a single purchase? Am I double-charged?

  1. Check "User menu > Tickets > My Tickets" to make sure your purchase went through only once. If you've made more than one purchase, you may want to return the duplicates.
  2. If you've submitted your transaction with a wrong billing address, the AVS (address verification system, used by credit card processors to prevent fraud) will reject your payment but put a temporary hold on the amount, also known as "authorization". The authorization is not a charge and will drop off your statement in a few days. Check your statement again in a few days to confirm that the amount is gone.

Do I need to print my e-tickets, or can I just show them on my phone?
Most events accept mobile tickets, but some don't. Unless clearly instructed otherwise in the event information or the delivery method choices, you should try to print your tickets.

Can I change my ticket delivery method?
Contact us right away, and we may be able to change your delivery method.

Can I change my seat or performance if I got the wrong tickets?
If the return policy of the event allows returns, you can use "User Menu > Tickets > ReturnTickets" to return your tickets for store credit and purchase a new set of tickets. Your store credit will be applied on the checkout page. Your purchase went through only once. If you've made more than one purchase, you may want to return the duplicates.
If the exchange policy of the event allows exchanges or upgrades, you can use "User Menu > Tickets > Exchange Tickets" to exchange, upgrade or change the date of your tickets.
Otherwise, you can contact us. We may be able to exchange the tickets for you.

What if I didn't receive a confirmation email or invoice?
First, check your spam folder. If the email isn't there, you've probably entered an invalid email address or are using a system that blocks our emails.
To view, print, or receive the confirmation and email as an invoice, use the "User menu > Orders > Order History" and click on the icon for the invoice.

How do I sign in if I forgot my password?
If you've entered the correct email address, you can simply reset your password. Click on the Sign In button, click Forgot Password, and wait a few minutes. You'll receive the password recovery code in your email, and you can then change your password.

I cannot sign in and I haven't gotten any emails (welcome email, order confirmation, password recovery) from you. What should I do?
You've probably signed up with the wrong email address or made a typo in your email address. Try to sign up again with the correct email address.

I purchased my tickets as a guest. Can I still log in to print or manage my tickets?
Sure, you can claim your account. On the sign-in box, enter your email address, the one that you used when purchasing the tickets, and click on the "Forgot Password". Then follow the steps to create a password for your account.???????